A Sustainable Greener Future with C-BIO

Enhances plant growth and vigor

Promotes better root growth and soil structure

Can be used safely in conjunction with crop protection & fertiliser programmes

Transportation of liquid fertiliser products to your location

C-Bio offers extensive manufacturing capabilities on an expansive range of World leading Biostimulants products

C-Bio products have been helping farmers improve their crops for years.  Extensive trials have proven that C-Bio delivers consistent and substantial benefits to the farmer.

Our bio-stimulants form an intrinsic component of the farmers crop management program and contribute to making agriculture more sustainable.

They are complementary to the use of other fertiliser products and generate co-action to promote effectiveness since they favour the absorption and transportation of nutrients and strengthen the plant to activate the internal defense systems. 

C-Bio products are used from the seed germination stage until the crop is ready for harvesting and can be applied in a number of ways depending on the optimal application method based on the development phase. 

Our bio-stimulants can be applied as a seed treatment, a foliar spray or in irrigation to allow the plant immediate activation of its metabolism to provide greater availability of improved nutrients.